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Identify the right vendors, Acquire the right solutions

Acquiring the right technology at the right time is crucial yet challenging.
Certainty helps you leverage the community and our smart set of tools to steer your organization toward technology excellence

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STEP 1 – Get Educated

Tell us your role, your industry, your needs and challenges.
We will provide all the content you need, just the content you need.
Learn and be updated on relevant Technology Trends, Vendors, Users and Experts.

Access to the platform

A personalized Newsfeed

Updating you on all you have to know based on your profile

A Centralized Content Library 

Search and access all relevant content for your needs (blogs, reports, stats, demos…)  

An Centralized Event Library

Find out about upcoming webinars, trade shows, conferences relevant to your needs

Notifications and Updates

Get notified whenever something you need to know comes up or read your weekly update

Peer Interaction

Contact peers that are willing to share the knowledge you need, directly or through forums, and groups 

STEP 2 – Identify & Contact

Identify all the right vendors and partners to help support your strategy based on your business needs and goals. Identify the right players relevant to your business needs throug.

Acces to the Platform

A Smart Marketplace

Search and have access all relevant vendors solving your business challenges


Let the platfom introduce you to relevant vendors that you have not identified yet

Vendor Page

Access the Vendor’s detailed data to validate it is the right fit to meet your challenges

Vendor Interaction

Start interacting with relevant vendors without the risk of being spammed afterwards

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STEP 3 – Acquire

Get ahead of your competition by quickly and simply acquiring the right technology to support your business strategy

Access to the platform

Launch « Requests for Proposals

Create your templates to prepare and send RFPs to selected vendors 

Manage your RFP

By following-up on the progress, communicating with vendors and set-up meetings and next steps

Select and Invite Vendors

Source, invite or let the platform recommend Vendors on and outside of the platform

Control Compliance

By storing and accessing all aspects of current and past RFPs 

Drive synergies

By tracking my company’s RFPso ensure synergies between departments, countries, subsidiaries, etc…

Main Benefits for Buyers

Streamline your Vendor Management Processes

Build and maintain your IT ecosystem with the highest level of certainty, meaning, acquiring the right solutions in terms of value.

At the right time (fast) and drive synergies to optimize budgets and the overall coherence of your technology investments

A centralized « All in One » Platform

Avoid using multiple sources of information to come up with the right choices (Search engines, Analysts reports, user reviews, trade shows, etc… ) 

Use our centralized platform throughout the entire process (Learn, identify, compare and  buy)

Collective Intelligence

Improve the certainty of your decision making by benefiting from data based recommendations made by the platform (Vendors to contact, content to read, Trend to follow) 

Communicate with knowledgable peers to back your decisions

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