Certainty Consulting Services 

Helping Technology Buyers, Vendors and Investment Funds in their growth strategy design and implementation

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Services For Investment Funds 

Pre-Investment : 

Complement your due diligence process through a complete commercial audit of your potential participations. 

Our turnkey methodology will  provide you with. a 50 points diagnostic to evaluate the strength of your future participation’s sales & marketing strategy, methodologies and processes, human resources, tools, reporting etc… 


Post Investment : 

 If one of your participation is having any difficulty achieving its growth targets, we are here to intervene with knowledge or resources. Reach-out to have an objective and constructive vision of your participation’s commerciale activities and a detailed action plan. 



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Services for Technology Vendors 

Launching your Business ? 

Early stage tech companies are our strong suite. Leverage our experience, network and teams to boost your initial growth.

Build and implement strong sales and marketing teams, processes and tools from the beginning to ensure a sustainable growth in the long run. 

Established Tech Companies 

Want to optimize any aspect of your entire revenue process, from Marketing, to Business Development, Sales, Account Management, Customer Success. Reach out and we’ll quickly perform an audit and come up with clear action plans on each point that could be optimized. 

Benefit from our pool of resources to execute your revenue strategy and pass our knowledge to your own resources 

New to France ?  

Reach-out to know how we can help or fully outsource your arrival on the french market. From administrative and legal activities, subventions and local fundraising, to adaptation of your offering and sales and marketing material. 

We start by designing and executing your GTM strategy for you, with our own resources, and then hire, onboard and train your local team. 


Services for Technology Corporates 

Certainty Consulting Services helps corporates to navigate and identify the right tech suppliers. 

Supplier audit 

Want to make sure you are partnering with the right vendors ? We will audit your tech suppliers, based on our audit template prior to your contractual engagement to make sure they have the right ressources, strategies, methodologies and tools to reach your business goals    

Digital transformation 

Implementing the right culture and tech stack to live through your digital transformation. Our team of experts are here to guide you through your tech needs and choices by training your teams, analyzing your need and help you find the right solutions. 


Sourcing and procurement excellence 

Want to identify the right vendors and seamlessly acquire the right technology. OUr team is here to help you through your sourcing and RFP processes. Contact us to benefit from our experience and tools.   

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