Certainty is the place where you can

Optimize your Sales Cycle 

Leverage Certainty to nurture the market, position your solutions, identify and contact key prospects 

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STEP 1 – Nurture & Educate

Share your knowledge, offering, goals and targets.We will make sure it reaches the right prospects. Position your offering, nurture a qualified audience and track your impact and ROI

Access to the platform

A centralized knowledge platform

Upload your content, news, events and diffuse it to the right audience

Communicate and educate buyers

Answer prospects questions through forums and direct interactions

Reach out to prospects outside of your CRM

Reach out to qualified prospects that have not been identified yet

Make your offering visible

To a complete array of buyers searching for  technologies that matches your offering

Track your results

Benchmark the efficiency of your campaigns and identify users that have accessed your content

STEP 2 – Prospect

Identify and reach out to the right prospects and contacts to start value added conversations

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Get personalized prospect recommendations

Based on your solutions, roles, needs and goals

Map the right contacts

Find your champion , identify decision makers, budget owners within targeted organizations

Share your company’s and product information

Thanks to your detailed vendor page on the platform

Reach out and get answers

Reach out and communicate efficiently with prospects committed to answer

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STEP 3 – Sell

Identify sales opportunities that matches your goals, and easily reply to « request for Proposals ». Use our smart procurement tool.

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Get invited to « Requests for Proposals »

Be recommended as a vendor to buyers launching RFPs

Identify RFPs that matches your solutions

Get notified or browse through the open RFP catalogue

Collaborate internally

Implicate the right teammates to efficiently answer RFPs

Perfect communication

Ensure a perfect communication with the client for optimum results

Main Benefits for Vendors

Increase Sales & Marketing ROI

Optimize sales and marketing investments to get better results in terms of market visibility; prospection efficiency and sales management

Increase your conversion rate and costs of acquisition

Benefit from data backed recommendations to focus your sales and marketing efforts toward qualified prospects, based on their actual needs

Become a partner to your prospects

Identify and reach out in a non invasive way, bringing value to prospects that have needs that your solution can actually solve

Optimize the costs of your sales and marketing stack

Provide one unique tool that will benefit your teams throughout the entire commercial process : from nurturing to prospection to sales. Avoiding using and integrating multiple expensive tools

Leverage data to target the right prospect, at the right time

Certainty’s algorithms will let you know which prospect to target at any given time based on the data provided y those same prospects. Allowing you to focus the work and efforts of your teams

Increase team satisfaction

Provide the right tools and the right data to your teams, allowing each member to reach their goals while minimizing efforts and frustration

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