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Built for Buyers and Vendors

I am a Tech Buyer

I wish to achieve my business goals by : 

  • Being updated on technology relevant to my needs 

  • Sourcing the right tech vendors

  • Quickly acquiring and implementing  the right technology

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I am a Tech Vendor

I wish to achieve my business goals by : 

  • Making my solutions highly visible to qualified prospects

  • Drastically reducing costs and length of my sales cycle

  • Getting identified for relevant RFPs 

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3 core modules to support the entire journey

Benefit from data backed recommendations and mart tools throughout your entire Procurement or Sales process, to reach the upmost level of Certainty for all your tech related decisions 

The knowledge platform

The fast evolving and highly competitive tech market creates a crucial need for decision makers to be constantly updated on new trends and solutions relevant to their role, organization and specific needs. 

While vendors increasingly invest in content creation to remain visible, nurture and educate their target prospects efficiently.

The knowledge platform allows users to share and consume highly personalized news, content, events and forums for both buyers and vendors to meet their business goals

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The sourcing platform

Efficient technology sourcing can be highly challenging and time consuming. Buyers are facing a multitude of options and vendors’ requests but frequently lack time or skills to identify the most relevant ones or interact efficiently with each vendor.   

Vendors on their side struggle to identify, qualify and prioritize companies and users that actually need their solution, and end-up sending generic communication campaigns and cold calls generating a rather weak response rate and ROI. 

The sourcing platform leverages data to efficiently connect buyers and vendors with relevant interests. Allowing both to communicate and interact in a frictionless manner.

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The Procurement Platform

Selecting and acquiring the right technology requests a high degree of collaboration both internally but also between buyers and vendors.

On both ends, this process is highly time consuming and frequently frustrating. 

The procurement platform aims at drastically reducing efforts and time to launch and respond to RFPs, ensuring the upmost level of collaboration throughout the process

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